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Lawrence Bay, Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan. Anthropomorphic figure painted using red ochre pigment.


paddling out to get some mollusks
Here we are in east central China at a pearl farm. My wife and I with a manager of this pearl farm out to gather a few shells to open. The mollusks are in net bags suspended from a line attached to the green floats you see in the picture.


the pearl pond
Here I am standing on one of the banks of the pond that the pearls are being cultured in. The photo gives you an idea of how big the pond is


Looking For Pearls
We have opened the mollusks that we collected from the pond and are looking for the pearls that they contain


We Found them
Here are the pearls found in one mollusk. There are a number of different colors of pearls represented in this one specimen


the final photo
Myself and my wife in front of their house with the crew who take care of this pond for the owners. we had a great time this afternoon even with our white knuckle ride in the flat bottom boat. Give me a canoe anytime!


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